Strategic Business Flow Chart

The “Strategic Business Flow Chart” shows a clear & concise overview of our Digital Asset’s plan to utilize various monetization opportunities to fund our Marketing Wallet & Expense Wallet.
Executive Summary - Introduce the Digital Asset & its unique value proposition. Incorporate our old and new Holders into the plan whereby boosting exposure & incentivize content creation, along with NFT's. Outline our goal of using the various monetization strategies to generate funds for the Marketing Wallet whereas it funds the Expense Wallet and utilize it for Buy Back and Burns which will also include funding the Liquidity. Emphasize the potential for a higher Digital Asset value and the Market Cap.
Marketing Analysis - Analyze the current state of the Cryptocurrency market & identify potential opportunities & challenges. Access the target audience for the Digital Asset, Social Media channels & NFT's. Identify potential risks & develop a Risk Management plan.
Marketing Plan - Describe marketing strategy, specific tactics for NFT's & Social Media to generate exposure & Funding Incentive plan. Explain how marketing plan will drive adoption & increase the overall market cap of our Digital Asset. Outline the budget for marketing & how funds will be allocated across different social media channels utilizing strategic tactics
Product Development - Describe the current state of the Digital Asset industry & any plans for future development or updates. Expain how the Digital Asset will be integrated into the various Social Media channels & how Holders can use it to participate in the various channel's creation. Detail any partnerships or collaborations that will support the development of the Digital Asset & Social Media Channels.
Financial Plan - Create a detailed financial plan that outlines revenue streams, expenses, & expected growth projections. Explain how Social Media monetization will be used to generate revenue & Fund Marketing efforts Detail the "BURN" rate for the Digital Asset & how it will be sustained through a combination of token sales & other revenue streams. Develop a plan for managing cash flow & ensuring financial stability over the long term.
Conclusion - Summarize the key points of the Business Plan, including the Value Proposition, Marketing Strategy, Product Development, & Financial Plan. Reinforce the potential for the Digital Currency & Social Media channel to surpass "Bitcoin" in terms of market cap & use case. Encourage readers to take action by investing in the Digital Asset or getting involved in content creation for the various Social Media channels.